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BUG REPORTING: Report any bugs that are found in Pokemon Trident Version

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This post will serve as a page of known bugs in Trident. My goal is to iron out all the major kinks people find in the game so that future updates are as close to bug-free as possible.

GAME BREAKERS (These bugs can potentially prevent the player from progressing in the game. I consider any reported bugs that fit into this category as high priority, and they will be fixed as soon as possible. If a game breaker is found, expect a small update within the next few days that fixes it):

- N/A

GAMEPLAY BUGS (These have to do with actual game mechanics such as battles and UI/menus. If there are problems with the menu, or battle moves that don't work, post the issue here):

- N/A

EVENT ERRORS (These are errors with various NPC's and other things that you can interact with in the overworld. So if you see Oak randomly walking in circles, something is probably wrong):

- Move Tutor will not accept Big Mushrooms and may crash after a move has been taught

TILE ERRORS (These are just errors with the graphics on the overworld map. If they are serious enough to the point where the player is stuck, I'll classify them as a game breaker):


TEXT ERRORS (As confident as I am in my grammatical abilities, I am not a computer, and text errors will undoubtedly pop up here and there. These are generally the most subtle errors to spot, but are also the least problematic.*):

- N/A

*NOTE: Keep an extra lookout for the "é" wherever the word POKéMON appears, because it's very likely that I forgot to put the accent on some of them. Whoever reports the most "é" errors will be given a special forum title of their choosing.

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So today I came across an error by chance from testing out the move tutor. Apparently he'll only accept 2 Tiny Mushrooms to teach a move. This basically makes Big Mushrooms useless. The move tutor also may or may not crash after a move has been taught. Not to worry though, it's already been fixed for when I release the next update, but the problem will still be present until then.

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