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The goal of SG Studio is to create the first ever fan made Pokemon game

that encompasses the first four generations of regions.

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Code of Conduct

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1 Code of Conduct on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:41 am

Welcome to the SG Studio forums! Before posting, make sure to read the Code of Conduct listed below:


- Report any inappropriate posts you see to either myself or a moderator via PM, and don't respond to them. Fueling trolls by responding to them will only make the problem worse.

- Any post you report will be looked at by either me or another moderator, and handled accordingly.

- If I or any moderators see any inappropriate, offensive, or pointless posts, they will be deleted. In addition, be sure to pay attention to what you post and where you post it. This just helps make the forums more organized. For example, if we see a thread about your day at the zoo in the Suggestions and Bug Reporting section, that post will either be moved to the appropriate section, or deleted.

- Use the search bar before asking a question
If you have a question that has already been answered before, the search bar will more than likely find the answer for you. I'd rather not have to reiterate what I've said multiple times (I know people who do this on a weekly basis and I do not envy them one bit). That being said, if you have a question about Trident, use the search bar first, and if you can't find the answer to your question, then post it in the appropriate section.


- Do not post about or link to the following subjects: politics, religion, illegal activity (piracy), sexual material (pornography and cybering), and explicit gore.

- Watch your language. Forums tend to consist of users from various backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs, and I expect all members to be respectful of one another, even if you don't see eye to eye.

- Trolling and flaming is strictly prohibited
Flaming involves posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. Trolling is the posting of messages that intend to cause disruption of others and can also provoke the hostility of other members. Let it be known that this forum is for intelligent discussion and healthy debate, and that personal attacks are not not acceptable behaviors and will be dealt with accordingly (most likely through banning). Long story short, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.

- PM's are exactly what they say they are, Private Messages. If these private messages are posted publicly on the forums without the consent of every party involved, the poster will be suspended.

- Watch your mouth
I have taken the liberty of censoring some of the most common profanities used on the internet. This does not, however, give you permission to spam profane language in discussions on the forums.

- Stay on topic
If you want to talk about something unrelated to the thread you are currently in, start a new thread. Sticking to one topic per thread will help keep the forums organized and much easier to navigate.

- No spamming
If your posts don't have any meaningful content in them, it's probably spam. This is a place for discussion, so if you have something to say, make sure its constructive.

- Avoid multi-quoting a single person
Quoting an individual's post once is more than enough. The only time multi-quoting is necessary is if you are quoting two different posts by the same user, or two different users. This is mainly to keep threads organized and to avoid stretching pages longer than normal.

- Please do not double post
The EDIT button exists for a reason. In addition, avoid bumping old threads (look at the date of a thread before posting). This includes the bumping your own threads. If no one wishes to respond to your post, respectfully move on.

- Plagiarism
Plagiarism involves the theft of the work of others and claiming it to be your own, or not crediting it to the creator at all. I try to uphold this rule by example, as I take no credit for the Pokemon name, gameplay, environments, or characters that are present in Trident.

- No advertising
The purpose of this site isn't to make money. This goes every user on these forums, including me. Anyone who advertises on these forums will receive an immediate ban.

- Necroing
Posting in an old or "dead" thread just to revive it is prohibited. This is basically the same thing as bumping old posts and will be dealt with in the same manner. If there is a reason behind necroing, either the moderators or myself with be the judge of whether or not it is warranted.


- Multiple accounts
Multiple accounts are not allowed. Any alternate accounts that are used for for trolling, creating different personas, or bypassing a ban will be dealt with swiftly.

- Watch what you put in your signature
A few lines of text or a small graphic is acceptable for signatures. However, large pictures are not acceptable, unless they are concealed in a spoiler. If a user's signature takes up too much space on the page, they will be warned and expected to change it within the next day or two. If users refuse to change their signature after being warned, their account will be temporarily banned until they change it.


- Do not discuss any forum-related actions moderators take. If you are concerned about closed threads, comments, or other actions carried out by the moderators, please send a PM to the moderator responsible for the decision, or contact me directly so that we can all settle the conflict maturely. Moderators should not be expected to justify every decision they make, so please respect them and their authority over the forums.

- Warnings
Warnings may or may not be given to a user for violating the code of conduct. If warnings are sent, it will be through PM’s, in a previously closed thread, or directly posted in a thread telling the offender to knock off whatever they're doing or trying to do that goes against the rules.

- Bans
After receiving a fair number of warnings, continued offending users will be temporarily banned for however long the moderation staff or myself deem necessary. If you continue to break the rules you will be permanently banned, no exceptions. However, depending on the seriousness of the violation, punishments may vary from user to user. If we see an offending user evading a temporary or permanent ban through either creating another account after being banned, or posting on another user's account, both accounts will be permanently banned.


- Ban lengths are not always identical, it depends on the offense and how many times users  commit said offense.

- Respect other users on these forums. Continuously harassing other users is against the rules, even if it is warranted.

- Sexism is not tolerated on the forums. Trident is a game for males and females, young and old, etc. Any form of discrimination is unacceptable.


Moderators including myself may interpret these rules in any way they deem necessary. We can and will modify, remove, or amend these rules if we have a valid reason to.

Failure to honor this code of conduct may result in warnings, bans, permanent bans, and other unnamed forms of punishment not mentioned here. The punishment depends on the offense of the user in question. Please ask either myself or another moderator if you have any questions about these rules.

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